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Marketing Capabilities

A range of digital marketing solutions to help get you more leads online.

My main aim is to get you and your business more clients online. I do this by create a digital sales funnel which reaches potential clients, converts them into leads and then engages them further. I use the following services as part of the funnel:

Web Design & Landing Pages

Search Engine Optimisation

Google AdWords

Social Media Marketing

Email & Automated Marketing

What is a digital sales funnel?

New technologies have drastically changed the way we sell products online and these changes have taken place over a short period of time. Sometimes new terms like ‘digital sales funnels’ come out and can be confusing to business owners. What is it? And do you really need it?

A digital sales funnel is not just some marketing jargon, it’s an effective plan all businesses need if they want to succeed online. They lead people through the process of making a purchase on your website, people enter the funnel and they leave as happy customers.

When we set up a funnel for our customers we put in place actions for every step, from website traffic generation and lead generation to automated lead follow-up.

How can it help your business?

Creating a strong digital sales funnels means you convert the visitors to your site into paying customers, which quite simply means more income for your business. Sales no longer take place instantaneously, you need to nurture leads over time staying at the forefront of your visitor’s mind until they want to make a purchase.

A sales funnel can take small businesses and expedite their growth, allowing you to secure your position in the marketplace at a faster pace.

Is your business ready to harness the power of a digital sales funnel? To get a quote or find out more information please get in touch.