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What is marketing automation?

Although it’s a new buzzword, marketing automation has been around since the 80s. It started with merely putting names and addresses of customers into letters and flyers sent in direct mail campaigns. Over the years direct mail has become somewhat obsolete, and marketing automation has evolved, giving real-time personalisations to customers as they interact with your business on various platforms.

How does it work?

At the centre of marketing automation are your workflows. The four major elements of workflows are:

Triggers: an action that sets off a response, for example filling in the enquiry form on your website.

Delays: the time in between each action

Conditions: is X true or false

Activities: what is done when the condition is either true or false

Steps are all recorded in a CRM which builds up a customer profile about the user. The software will then be able to create personalised responses with the data it has collected.

Is it the right choice for your business?

Once upon a time marketing automation was only for businesses with great financial success. However, nowadays a huge number of third-party suppliers are out there, subscription plans are often readily available and able to be customised for your budget and need. The flood of third-party suppliers into the marketplace makes automation an affordable and worthwhile investment for even small or medium-size businesses.

What sort of results can you expect?

Marketing automation done correctly will deliver results for your business that can be mind-blowing. Purchasing software is one thing, but being able to fully understand all its features and the ways you can use them to the advantage of your company is another. Marketing automation if done right, by a person with knowledge and experience, is a smart investment but if done by if it’s done by someone who thinks it’s as easy as clicking a button on a computer will be a waste of money.

Here are some of the things your company can benefit from if it starts to utilise marketing automation:

Time-saving – hours your sales team would typically spend doing tasks that can now be automated will be saved allowing them to use their time for other income generating tasks.

Efficient – The streamline workflows improve efficiency giving clear visibility of the sales process, this ensures a step is never missed, and all your information is easy to locate and in one place.

CRM integration – Integration with your businesses CRM means you can always keep track of leads; you don’t lose sales because you forgot to chase up after one or two unsuccessful contacts.

Data collection – data from campaigns is collected within your system. For future campaigns you can utilise this data and the insight it gives you to ensure a higher ROI.

Consistency – everything involved in your marketing is kept in one easy to navigate location. All marketing materials will therefore readily be kept consistent. Following the same tone of voice throughout campaigns instils trust in your customers.

Personalisation – Nowadays, everyone wants to feel special and have personal experience. Automation allows brands to do this, using the data you have accumulated on a customer you can guide them through the sales process, giving them tailored and relevant content that will make them convert.

If you have any questions about marketing automation, please give me a call or an email on the details below.